Big hero 6 is fun, lovely and fantastic movie for everyone. there is one teenage prodigy named Hiro Hamada. A smart and intelligent child who could make a robot. but unfortunately he uses his skills to something illegal like robot fights bets around city of San Fransokyo.

Someday, Hiro older brother named Tadashi tricks hiro to see the San Fransokyo Institute of Technology where he studied. Tadashi Hiro trying to change Hiro’s mind by showing him how interesting the life of the university. Then, hiro is introduced with friends Tadashi: there are Fred, Wasabi NoGinger, Gogo Tomago and Honey Lemon and the different cool tools they have constructed.

In short, Tadashi is managed to make Hiro be very keen to go to school, but to become a student, Hiro must follow the school’s annual event where every prospective students should make something interesting to be elected as a student.

Hiro successfully creates an interesting robot named micro bot, however, at the annual event a tragedy occurs, a fire erupts within the exhibition hall. Tadashi died in an explosion while trying to get in to save the head professor of the Institute.

Depression after the death of her brother, hiro met with Baymax (robot made by Tadashi). with the help of hydro baymax finally managed to recover from despresi and then met with a mask that turns stealing bots micro hydro and use it for evil.

Then with his skills, hiro Baymax turn into a badass fighting machine. They chased the masked men. then when confronted by masked men, friends of hiro come they are friends who introduced by Tadashi at university. the other characters were also awesome and each had their own personality traits.

They are involved romp with masked men. they managed to escape and then hid in the fred’s house. and that’s when hiro find the idea of turning his friends into a superhero with cool tools that they have constructed. and the fun is begin.

Big hero is a very exciting movie, the storyline is good and easy to understand. Hiro brave, funny and tough baymax and their friends who have their uniqueness.

Directed by Don Hall & Chris Williams, the first half is filled with lots of creativity, spirit & ideas that are seamlessly blended with elements of humour which is then presented in a very polished manner while the other half takes a more generic route but nevertheless succeeds in maintaining a fine balance between its emotional & humorous aspects to wrap itself up as one of the most polished films of the year.

This is a family movie, see the trailer below