Braveheart (1995) is an epic historical movie which is directed by Mel Gibson. He is not only directing this movie, but he is also starring in this movie as William Wallace, a Scottish warrior. This story takes place in Scotland in the 13th century. This worth watching movie is very brilliant. It got ten Academy Awards nominations and won five of them. This movie stars James Robinson as young William, Mel Gibson as William Wallace, Brian Cox as Argyle Wallace, Patrick McGoohan as Edward ‘Longshanks, Catherine McCormack (Murron MacClannough, )and Sophie Marceau as Isabella of France.

This 177-minute film is telling about a Scottish rebel who fights King Edward the Longshanks and his soldier. This film begins with how Longshanks invades Scotland after the death of Alexander III of Scotland in 1928. The young William witnesses Longshanks’ treachery and how his parents and brother are killed in this invasion. After losing his family, he is living with his uncle. Uncle Argyle then takes him to Rome and other countries where he gets education.

After several years, William comes back to Scotland. At that time, Longshanks has gained his noblemen land and rights. One of them is that he has the right to sleep with a woman on her wedding night. At Scotland, William falls in love with Murron. He does not want her to sleep with Longshanks so that they get married in secret. Unfortunately, English soldiers try to rape her twice. And William witnessed one of them. Because she fights the soldiers, Murron is captured and executed. William takes revenge on Longshanks and his soldiers.

He supported by Scotland clans to fight them. Together they tried to send Longshanks and his soldier back to England. Longshanks try to trick William by sending his daughter in law, Isabella. But she fails in seducing him, she falls in love with William instead. The battle is not easy. It lasts for 7 years. William is caught even though Robert has tried to protect him. He died because of public torture and beheading. His last word before he died is ‘Freedom’.