Do you like a movie that gives an added value to your life? Do you like movies that provide inspiration and motivation for your life? then this movie is for you. there are a lot of films, and most of them only provide sheer entertainment without leaving the impression and useful message for you and your life. but not for the cinderella movie.

Cinderella man is a great movie based on a true story of a light heavyweight boxer James Braddock ( played by Russell Crowe), who fought for his family life during the Great Depression in the US. At that time people experienced the worst economic hardship in U.S. history and Braddock had to face the fact that he can no longer fight after breaking his hand in his last fight.

To support his family, Braddock’s wife Mae ( Renee Zellweger ) and 2 kids. Braddock must works as a laborer at the local docks but he still has ambitions and dreams to rise. a few years later, the old manager Braddock came and he got a fight for braddock, it’s not comeback fight, but just one fight. braddock got fight againts number two heavyweight contender in the world corn griffin. Griffin’s opponent got cut and he couldn’t fight. so braddock get a chance and from this one fight all started. Braddock won against griffin although he had fallen in the first round. because victory Braddock, the old manager Joe, trying so hard to get another fight for Braddock, Joe is one of the most important person in Braddock life, he is not just a manager, but Also a friend, a best friend.

After that, old joe get more and more fight for jimmy ( braddock alias ). joe tell him to keep win and he promise to get braddock more fight and braddock also keep his promise, he is back in the ring and wins. After several fight, againts younger, stronger, and heavier boxers one of sport article give braddock a title, he is named the “Cinderella Man” for his miraculous comeback.

At this points we will see how a man fighting for the survival of his family. we can also see how the power of a dream changes a man life. his family had been the reason why Braddock could continue to win the battle in addition to his new abilities with the left hand as a result of working in the dock.

Everything becomes more serious now and with braddock ratings continue to rise and He gets a chance to fight the heavyweight champion, Max Baer (Craig Bierko), for the title. There is a fact that max bear had killed two men in the ring and peoples said braddock would be number three because physically, max younger and stronger. Braddock’s wife mae tried to stop the fight. but braddock still continue and won the fight.

Cinderella man is a must watch movie. You will remember it forever and watch it over and over again. at the final scene you will enjoy the fight braddock againts max bear. an unforgetable fight