There is a boy named hiccup who lives with his clan (Viking) in the cold and snowy village named berk in northern regions. This clan has an old pests problem. If most places have mice and mosquitoes, they have dragons. The first scene in the movie featuring scenes The village is attacked by dragons. The dragon steal their food (mostly sheep) and burned their homes. That’s why almost every single building on berk is relatively brand new.

How to Train Your Dragon focuses on the relationship between the hiccup with a dragon which later he named toothless. Hiccup is a unique viking boy, a weakling and a screw up who desperately wants to show his father that he is worth something, a viking kid who happens to be more technically than brawn, more scrawny than big body, and this of course makes him apart from the rest of his warrior clan folks. Hiccup trying so hard to prove to father and his clan he can do things that can be done by common viking peoples, such as killing a dragon.

In the heat of battle, Hiccup bring downs a flying dragon with a bolas-shooting cannon made by him. The dragon lands in the forest not far from the village but no one believes that he hit a dragon even his father. The next day hiccup through the forest to find the dragon and he found out that the dragon is a night fury ( a dragon who no one ever see it, no one ever kill it ). poor hiccup, he is always trying so hard to prove his existance but when the time comes he unable to do anything. instead killing the dragon he release it. Dragon is a smart creature, hiccup and the dragon became a friend.

Being friends with a dragon hiccup aware that the dragon is not the wild animals and likes to steal food. especially after he discovered that the dragons were forced to steal food for fear of the great dragon who inhabit their nests. Hiccup tried to tell this to father and his clan, but her father had upset and bring toothless as a signpost to the dragon’s lair. .

He father and the clan warrior who did not know about the great dragon broke through the dragon’s lair and then ran away when the great dragon came out and attacked them. Then, hiccup came with his friends riding the dragon, freeing toothless and then fight against the great dragon, hiccup win and become the hero of the village. he never killed a dragon before, and the first one he kill is a Great dragon.

All in all, the story is a top one, the music is gorgeous, the animation fantastic, the lesson valuable and the characters true and pure. There is plenty of laughs, and fun for all ages.