when I first read the title and saw the cover of this film, without a lot of thought I immediately decided to watch it and I was right. This movie is amazing, without a doubt, It’s a Wonderful Life Movie is one of the best movie of all time.

The main role in this movie is played by one of my favorite actor is James Stewart. in this film he plays the role so naturally that it seems james stewart is not acting but being him true self

the film is about life in general, about how to look into your life, about faith, about the painful of life and suicide attempts by the main character. the film is so touching and so full of meaning. This movie is full of scenes that touch the heart especially towards the end of the movie.
I have seen it dozens of times and i cry everytime watching this movie, but it is not essential, the important thing is i got so many valuable things from this movie. You, your children and all your family must watch this movie. believe me, sometimes movie is a great education. even one of my friend’s family makes this movie as a Christmas tradition. They watch it every year and never bored of it.

“It’s A Wonderful Life” is the best movie I’ve ever seen, this is the most inspirational movies I’ve ever seen. acting, role and dialogs are very good that it makes you run out of words to praise it. made by Frank Capra, this movie is a gift for the world. Stop reading and go watch this movie by yourself.