As the title suggests, La vita è bella is a beautiful movie, this film full of meaning and life education. “Life Is Beautiful” is a movie about how to act differently against a situation, It’s about love, family and tragedy. In this movie, Roberto Benigni plays a Jewish man who cracked jokes, and enjoying his life.At the beginning of the movie you will see daily life of a person with a unique personality

until he finally meets a girl he likes (played by Nicoletta Braschi). You will witness the unique actions performed Benigni to draw attention of the idol’s heart, but it is not a mask, but purely from a sincere heart and engaging personality. Besides Benigni, Nicoletta also makes this film becomes more valuable, playing as a Catholic girl who loves her is beautiful aka La vita è bella

At first the girl was not paying attention to him, but thanks to the unique personality of Benigni,slowly but surely finally the girl who was born from the upper class, fell in love and married with the mediocre person Benigni.

But that is only a small portion of the film. The main story begins when Benigni ostracized because he’s jewish, he and his wife and son were exiled to the Nazi concentration camps and became a prisoner. here you will see a wealth of Benigni’s personality, how he acted on the situation and how he was responsible as head of the family. and and how he makes his child think that all this is just a game to win a tank.

All in all, this movie is one of best movie ever. it was a great and very satisfying movie, Life Is Beautiful manages to combine perfect line between comedy, fantasy, and tragedy. The film also shows us that racism is just a mere futility. i am sure you will enjoy this Charming Holocaust comedy drama.