Raging Bull (1980) is a movie about a middleweight boxer, Jake LaMotta. This is a biographical drama film directed by Martin Scorsese. This is an excellent movie that got 8.3 stars out of 10. Raging Bull is an adapted from Raging Bull: My Story, a memoir of Jake LaMotta. Some of the casts in this movie are Robert de Nirro as Jake LaMotta, Cathy Moriarty as Vicky LaMotta, Joe Pesci as Joey LaMotta, and Frank Vincent as Salvy Batts.

The story of this movie takes place in 1940s until 1964, which occurs in flash back. Jake is a major prizefighter at that time. In 1941, he was defeated by Jimmy Reeves. To win the middleweight title, his brother (Joey) uses his connections with Salvy Batts, a mafia, to arrange another shot. One day, Jake and his brother, go to a local swimming pool to ease their stress after the loss. In this pool, Jake spots Vicky. She is only 15 at that time. Even though he is already married, he asks her out. They finally get married in 1947.

Jake’s career is very satisfying. He suffers several losses though. In 1943, he loses over Sugar Ray Robinson. In 1949, Jake wins the middleweight championship after defeating Marcel Cerdan. His satisfying career life is not balanced with satisfying personal life. Jake continuously worried that Vicky is not faithful to him. He is also violent to her and the family.

His relationship to his brother is also ruined at the end. It is because Vicky said sarcastically that she had an affair with his brother. Since then his carrier is not as bright as before. He announces his retirement in late 1950s. After the retirement, Vicky asks for divorce. He finally meets his estranged brother after being arrested. In the end of the movie, Jake is preparing for the stand-up comedy he is going to perform.