Schindler’s List (1993) is a drama based on the novel of Schindler’s Ark written by Thomas Keneally. The story in this movie happens in the World War II in Krakow. This movie is very outstanding. It is nominated for 12 Academy Awards nominations and won seven of them. It is ranked 8 in the American Film Institute list of 100 best films of all time. This movie is starring Liam Neeson as Oskar, Ben Kingsley (Itzhak Stern), Ralph Fiennes (Amon Goeth), and Caroline Goodall as Emilie.

This story takes place in 1939 after the World War II outbreak. At that time, Schindler comes to Krakow to build an enamelware manufacturer. As a businessman, he sees the opportunity of hiring cheap Jews labors. He bribes the German Army to build a factory which produce enamelware cooking kits and army mess kits for them. With the help from Stern, Schindler gets loan to finance his factory and hire Jews labors. The factory goes smoothly thanks to Stern for handling the administration. Meanwhile, Schindler enjoy Herr Direktor status and wealth he gained from the factory. He does not care about the welfare of his laborers.

One day, the SS lieutenant, Amon Goeth, instructed his troops to empty the Krakow Ghetto. They kill and shot the Jews who live in the Ghetto. Schindler sees this process and his heart moved seeing dead bodies carried on a wagon. He wants to save them. Goeth asks his troops to move the remaining Jews to Auschwitz camp. Knowing this, Schindler bribes Goeth to let him move his factory workers to his new factory in his home town. Accidentally, the train with women and children is directed to Auschwitz. Schindler then bribes the Auschitz commandant to bring them back.

Schindler hide the Jews in his factory. They do not make any enamelware, Schindler buys enamelware from other factories and sell them to the German troops. He does not allow the SS to inspect his factory. He does everything to protect them. In 1945, he ran out of money to feed them. Luckily, the World War II ends that year.

Schindler’s List (1993) Trailer