Sex Is Zero (색즉시공, Saekjeuk Shigong) is a drama-comedy South Korea Movie which was released in 2002. The film starred by Lim Chang-jung, Ha Ji-won, and Yoo Chae-yeong. This film has style comedy like American Pie, a film about the life of a college student that leads to a serious crime cases. also the story of an ordinary man who would do anything for the woman he loves, even though he does not mean anything in the eyes of the woman’s. Sex Is Zero cinema tickets have sold more than 4 million tickets (almost as many tickets as Harry Potter) in South Korea, making the film to 5th favorited in 2002 and earned more than $20 million in Korea alone.

Sex is Zero is an entertaining way to spend 2 hours of your time, for those who can stomach the bodily fluids on display. The main actor on this comedy romance movie is Eun-shik (played by singer/actor Lim Chang-jung), a funny college student who had just returned from compulsory military service and should continue the study at university. He is described as an ordinary man who dedicates his life to make a woman that he loves happy and is willing to make extreme sacrifices for her. He often entangled in outrageous and embarrassing situations, all the while falling deeper in love with the most popular woman on the aerobics team (played by rising star Ha Ji-won).

The comedy on this film is a top one. We often see funny temperament of students at the university for example when Eun-sik and roommate watching porn and then out of nowhere a mouse appears and make them running scared. then, there are also scene where eunsik who had just returned and then eat the bread that had been laced with rat poison by his friend. the stupid eun sik ignore his friends warning and keep eating the bread with pleasure on his face.

The touching parts in the film occurs when Eunhyo who prefer the handsome guy Sung-ok as his boyfriend. Sung-ok indeed handsome, but he was the kind of man who only considers women as mere sexual objects. One day Eunhyo realized that she had been pregnant and Sung-ok start showing how depraved he is. Eun-sik who loves eunhyo trying to help, start from pretending to be men who had impregnated eunhyo, take care of her during the recovery process after the abortion. This is the part where eunhyo began to look into eun sik self.

The story isn’t very complicated, It’s just right with the theme of the movie, and that is about the mistakes one can make at youth but it goes beyond that, it also shows the strength of fixing the mess you made and the importance of giving a damn about someone. The music is very good and the acting is superb. this is a must watch movie for everybody. ups.. not for everybody, this is a comedy sex, not for children.