Can you imagine how a master of strategist defeated more than 300 enemy fleet with only 12 fleet. if not, prepare yourself for an awesome movie, a greatest heroic victory ever happen

Story Line

It tells how a war generals named Yi Sun Sin beat more than 300 enemy ships using only 12 of his ship. This is an impossible mission, there is no way to defeat more than 300 fleet with only 12 fleet but the main point of this movie is about strategy, spirit and believe.

The admiral is a historical war-movie from South Korea. It is full of fighting spirit, strong and admirable. In korea itself, this film is the Korea biggest film of all time at the box office on 2014. Throughout 2014, the film managed to pocket a profit of 100 million dollars. All equipment in the film, costumes, weapons and ships made after detailed research. Japanese Historians even amazed by the Japanese vessel construction in this film.

There is one man named Yi sun sin, a commander, a admiral, brave, strong and optimistic person. He is the one who made 300 vs 12 fleet posible. Admiral Yi played by Choi Min-sik that famous after her role in the horror film titled “I Saw the Devil”

This film tells the story of war Myeongnyang 1597 during which the Japanese tried to attack the Korean peninsula. Korea who previously were defeated, leaving only 13 warships, while Japan has 133 warships and 200 logistic support vessels

Japanese ship forces has plan to the capital to join their ground forces. Admiral Yi who lack of troops has been told to retreated and joined the main forces in the capital. Instead Admiral Yi actually expect more troops from the capital to withstand the enemy. Before the battle scenes, we were treated to a variety of events experienced admiral yi and the army. betrayal, doubt, and fear

It is a battle that very stressful, exciting and interesting to watch. used a variety of strategies, fights on board different. cannon fire, arrows, bows, and martial arts. The most interesting is how the admiral yi handle situations that could be considered hopeless. many times we thought the ship would not have survived longer, but apparently the admiral yi escaped in a way that invites admiration

This is a film that you should not miss, even if you do not like war movies, but I’m sure you’ll love this one

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