Feel bored? looking for something that can make you laugh off? try this one, the artist is a comedy movie that you can not miss. What are the good points of this film? First, the acting, the actress’s acting in this movie is really superb. second, comedi that will make you laugh. This is really funny. The story line in this film makes you curious.

The main star of this movie is played by one of the most talented popular comedian of his generation, namely Jean Dujardin. French TV viewers surely know about it.Dujardin is known for creating a character named Brice de Nice, a blonde who has expertise “diss people”. sound cruel? but it is not, this is something that is funny. Besides Dujardin, the film is completely filled by big stars like Berenice Bejo, John Goodman, Penelope Ann Miller and many more.


Although this is a silent film, but it has music to accentuate the scenes. and occasionally bring up the dialog text in important scenes, same as ever, I was hesitant to watch a movie like this for months, but after watching this movie, I realized that it was a mistake. This movie makes you do not want to move from the front of your screen. Background music is very good and fitting. and you will feel emotionally connected to the characters and storyline of this movie

The Artist is a clever film, the art of silent films brought very good into the modern era, crafted so beautiful, and stunning. I think this is one of the best romantic films of that year, same thing with the movie midnight in paris. Perhaps, these are the best romantic movie of the year and is perfect to watch with your partner. Overall The artist is a fantastic movie and one of the films that you will not want to miss