The mask is a comedy movie starred by jim carrey. It is one of his best work ever. one thing, this movie is hilarious, funny and interesting. Jim play as a Bank clerk in edge city named Stanley Ipkiss who found a mystic mask which turn him into something crazy green called the mask

photo of the mask movie 1994

Different from other super hero, the mask have powers like a cartoon character. He can pull anything out of the his pocket. he can run very fast and the most interesting is his madness. The mask has a stylish and unique characteristics and will always remembered. My favorite scene is when the mask sings,dances and makes the policemen dance either. lol .. you must watch it. believe me, its really entertaining. the song “Cuban Pete” is sung by jim carrey himself. Perfect song for a scene. It really makes one wanna dance. Soundtrack and song on this film is a top one.

Chuck Russell as director chose cameron diaz as the female lead in this film. it is her debut film. My godness, she was really stunning beauty in this film. Acting as Tina Carlyle was a great great acting debut for her. She was really a stunning beauty in this film. She was really at her best performance and most sensual here: she was more curvy, sexier, so beautiful and her smile was even more enchanting


The other characted that should be mentioned is Jim Carrey’s dog “Milo”. Milo is a smart. lovable, playful and stubborn dog. in this movie, milo seems to understand everything jim tell him. for example when jimmy telling him to find another life because he is trapped in cell, we can see sadness in his eyes. This kind of dog breed is known for his loyalty and intelligent. we can see in his eyes when he is feeling fear, joy and sadness. What a great dog actor!

milo, the dog in the mask

In conclusion, this film is one of the best jimmy Carrey movie that you should watch.

The Mask (1994) Trailer