The Pursuit of Happyness is a movie based on a true story of a man named Christopher Gardner ( played by Will smith ). He is a good head of the household, responsible and personally he is a hard worker and smart. it’s just that life is not on his side. after spending the entire family savings to buy a medical device Ostelo National bone-density scanners.a revolutionary tool, but gardner not know that doctors and hospitals consider the machine as an unnecessary luxury. so he had to struggle to sell the device to pay rent and daily necessities.

Gardner has a wife named linda ( played by Thandie Newton ). you know what, i want to hit her ugly face again and again. she is a complainer, cynical, pessimistic and bad looking, she is a trash. She is always underestimate and blame gardner on the bad plight of their families. She made the day-to-day domestic life into a living hell. I even wondered why gardner can marry a woman like this but Gardner fortunate to still have a good and obedient son named Christopher. He is the only reason that make gardner not stop fighting tooth and nail.

After the wife leaves him, another problem came and came again. It is like quicksand that continues to suck you down to the death. He got his car towed and he is arrested for unpaid traffic tickets. He is become homeless because he can’t pay his rent. He is forced at one point to stay in a bathroom at a train station with christoper and at the same time he must wake up in the morning appear for work in the morning in a suit and tie and must scramble from work every day to the Glide Memorial United Methodist Church, which offers shelter to the homeless.

This film is based on a true gripping and dramatic story about a man who has nothing and his struggle toward success. Chris Gardner is the guy that never allows himself to sink. this film is inspire, motivate and give you strenght. You must watch this movie.