I still remember, one years ago, i watching this movie with my sister. Today, it is shown quite often on several different networks. The Wizard of Oz is the right choice for family entertainment movie. This is a story about a trip to the magical land of Oz. Almost everyone likes magic. Don’t you agree?

The Wizard of Oz could entertain all ages. All the scenes in it brings a smile to the people who watch it. Wouldn’t it will be fun to go to a magical land where trees could talk and meet with the little munchkins. You can see magical animal like a talking lion, flying monkeys and various other magical things, a feast for the eyes.

Watch The Wizard of Oz Movie

The view and majestic setting is one of the things that makes this movie so amazing. Forests, castles, lands, and various other things placed really perfect. You should watch it by yourself. I am not exaggerating it. If you need some entertainment and have never watched this movie, then I suggest you to get some snacks and watch this movie immediately. No doubt, This is the Movie of All Time.

In this beautiful movie based on a popular story written by L. Frank Baum. A girl named Dorothy with her cute little dog trapped in the vortex of a tornado and then magically stranded in a fantasy world of Oz. In the land of oz she met some friends and certainly some evil characters who become her enemy. Her new friends said that she can return to home with help from a wizard named Oz. Throughout the journey you will witness the magic of nature that will provide quality entertainment for you and your family. Watch the trailer below